Trimble Weedseeker 2 Spot Spraying System


The WeedSeeker® 2 automatic spot spray system uses advanced optics and processing power to detect and eliminate resistant weeds. Trimble’s WeedSeeker® 2 automatic spot spray system delivers superior weed killing performance with unbeatable accuracy and efficiency, protecting your bottom line.

Get to know WeedSeeker 2

The WeedSeeker 2 spot spray system is designed to save you money on weed control by only applying herbicide when a weed passes under the sensor – reducing chemical use by up to 90%.

Benefits and performance

Trimble’s suite of input management solutions make planting, seeding, spraying and spreading activities more accurate and efficient. Here are a few of the benefits the WeedSeeker 2 automatic spot spray system brings to farmers around the world.


By applying herbicide only to weeds, you can be more efficient with your product use, helping both your bottom line and the environment.


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Weedseeker 2 Datasheet (Small Systems)

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Trimble Weedseeker 2 Spot Spraying System

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